Hamptons Paddleboard


    SUP YOGA is a recently popular fusion of yoga and SUP where you perform yoga moves on the board while in the water.  Both beginners and expert yoga students can take part in this enlightening experience.  Yoga on a paddleboard is the ultimate form of learning balance.  You will develop your strengths in yoga and increase your flexibility.  This unique and extremely popular sport is an amazing way to connect with nature.

    Surfing dates back hundreds of years but its momemtum and popularity only seem to increase.  Surfing is the ultimate way for the active individuals who love the water to really test their strength, agility, instincts and balance.  It is only you, your board and the ocean and if the wind and waves are just right riding a wave can be a transformational experience.  This sport has proved its worth through the test of time.  A true surfer has a respect for the ocean and the knowledge to know the moment everything is aligned to ride the perfect wave.